Conversation with PH

A property investment professional and homeowner at Gospel Place, Malvern

What did you think of Gospel Place as a new development?
My wife and I were living in Great Malvern previously and were keen to move, so when we first knew about Gospel Place I kept an eye on it as construction progressed – we liked the quiet area and the design of the homes that was keeping with the local historical surroundings. From our bedroom we look out over neighbouring St Leonard’s House – an attractive Victorian former home for nuns, with lots of character and shutters on all the windows. It’s a real pleasure to look at. Here we have the best of both worlds: all the comforts of a modern, up-to-the minute, new- build home but looking out at a restored period building.

What do you especially like about Gospel Place?
I like the character and individuality of each of the homes; the fact that the interiors are so light and then there are all the energy efficiency aspects. Here we have photovoltaic solar panels and an electric car charging point near adjacent to our ground floor parking space. Actually, I bought an electric car as a result. Having the landscaped gardens that we don’t have to look after ourselves is also a great plus.

How was your purchasing experience?
Actually, I only ever dealt with Michael [Hodges – the developer], and not with any of the agents. Everything went very smoothly, and even the post-completion snagging be expected with any new build, has been carried out well.

Do you work from home?
Yes, I’m self-employed and have been working from home for the past 12 months. It’s a very pleasant working environment!

What do you think of the community at Gospel Place?
We’ve met a number of our neighbours and I’ve noticed that we all seem to be of quite a similar mindset – in the way we’re attracted to Gospel Place. My parents liked our place so much that they have just bought a home here as well. They’re downsizing from a much larger, very different house but here, with the generous room sizes and the lift in the building, they felt the move really made sense for them, looking ahead. Being just a short walk to the retail park, too, is an added bonus: no need to use the car all the time.

What’s your overall impression of the development?
Principally, that it’s truly unique, yet in keeping with the historical architecture of the buildings around it. The developer has made a really good job of it. There is history to admire yet all the modern comforts like solar and so on. Design-wise, he’s really gone above and beyond. We love living here.